For most people looking to celebrate Mother’s Day this year in the UK, a Middle-Eastern meal might not be the first thing which comes to mind.

However, treating mum to a much-deserved breakfast, brunch or dinner on Mother’s Day is a worldwide occurrence. Though, the origins of the day differ from place to place.

In the UK, it’s believed that Mother’s Day first began somewhere in the 16th or 17th century during the season dedicated to Lent.

From there, the commercial potential of the day meant it became less and less related to the church, and more of a secular tribute to mothers all across the nation.

A long, long time ago…

In the Middle East, Mother’s Day has a very different – and even older – history. Much older, in fact.

Celebrated on March 21st, Mother’s Day in the Middle East is largely believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. During a time where pharaohs ruled, symbology was at the core of their culture. The pharaohs held a great deal of respect for women, a point made very clear in the drawings found in their temples.

Even more so than women in general, the pharaohs revered mothers. Experts believe this is largely due to their worship of the Egyptian queen Isis. She was one of the greatest goddesses of ancient Egypt and symbolised – yep, you guessed it, motherhood.

Mother’s Day in the Middle East today

Of course, it took a long time for Mother’s Day to take the form it now holds in the Middle East. It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that it was made an officially recognised holiday throughout the Arab world. This happened when the journalist Mustafa Amin wrote about the historical significance of the day, before campaigning to the government.

Though it still takes place on the Spring equinox, the season which gives life to flowers much like a mother to her children, Mother’s Day looks a lot different than it likely did back in ancient Egypt. In fact, it is celebrated in a similar fashion to how it’s done in the UK; flowers, gifts and cards.

And, for those very lucky mothers out there, maybe even a delicious meal at a fantastic local coffee house…

Try something different this Mother’s Day

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