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Some Dishes

  • £7.85

    TAHINA KOFTA (S) (make me GF)

    (option to serve without tahina yoghurt sauce)
    Minced lamb, fresh parsley and mixed herbs topped with tahina yoghurt sauce; stone baked in a pastry lid.
    Extras: flatbread 30p | GF bread 65p

  • £0.65

    GLUTEN FREE FLATBREAD (V) (GF) (contains eggs)

    Fresh gluten-free bread baked to order.

  • £3.85


    Freshly baked flatbread topped with spiced lamb mince, pomegranate molasses and herbs.

  • £2.20/£2.25


    • Spinach and sumac herb (V) (make me VE) - £2.20
    • Smoked salmon and soft cheese - £2.45
    • Tahina lamb with pine nuts (N) (S) (contains dairy) - £2.45
    • Spinach and sumac herb with feta cheese (V) - £2.30
    • Cheddar, mozzarella and feta with mint (V) - £2.10
    • M’hamara (spicy seasoned tomatoes and onions) (V) (make me VE) - £2.10
    • Black olive and walnut (V) (N) (make me VE) (nut-free option available) - £2.25
  • £5.20


    Bulgur wheat croquettes stuffed with lamb mince, pomegranate molasses, sumac, walnuts and a delicious herb mix. Served with mint yoghurt.

  • £9.25

    APPETISER MEZE (VE) (S) (make me GF)

    Classic hummus, avocado hummus, baba ghanuuj, batata hara and vine leaves. Served with 2 flatbreads.
    Extras: flatbread 30p | GF bread 65p