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Some Dishes

  • £1.95/£2.10

    FATAYER (PASTRIES)(V) (Vegan available) (GF) (N)

    • Spinach and Sumac Herb. (V) (Vegan available) - £1.95
    • Spinach and Sumac Herb with Feta Cheese. (V) - £1.95
    • Mixed Cheese and Feta Cheese with Mint. (V) - £1.95
    • M’hamara (spicy seasoned Tomato mix topping). (V) (Vegan available) - £1.95
    • Tahini Lamb with Pine Nuts. (N) - £2.10
    • Salmon and Soft Cheese - £2.10
  • £3.95

    GRILLED HALLOUMI(V) (GF available)

    Grilled Halloumi with salad and Flatbread.
    Gluten Free Bread 65p

  • £7.95

    MIXED MEZE(V) (Vegan available) (GF available)

    Falafel, Damascena Fuul or Fuul Medames, Fattuush Salad and a choice of Hummus, Baba Ghanuuj or M’tabal served with Flatbread.
    *Fuul Medames, M’tabal, Fattuush is NOT Vegan.
    Extra Flatbread 30p | Gluten Free Bread 65p.

  • £2.65/£2.85

    MANAGEESH (FLATBREAD)(V) (Vegan available)

    • Zatar (an aromatic blend of Sesame, Thyme, Sumac and Extra Virgin Olive Oil). (V) (Vegan available) - £2.65
    • Mixed Cheese and Feta Cheese with Mint (V) - £2.65
    • Zatar, mixed Cheese and Feta Cheese with Mint (V) - £2.85
  • £7.95


    Any three Fatayer (Pastries) of your choice, Fattuush Salad, Pickles and Olives and a choice of Hummus, Baba Ghanuuj or M’tabal.

  • £4.65

    FALAFEL(V) (Vegan available) (GF available)

    Fresh Crispy Falafel made from Ground Chickpeas served with Flatbread and a choice of Hummus, Baba Ghanuuj or M’tabal.
    *M’tabal is NOT Vegan.
    Extra Flatbread 30p | Gluten Free Bread 65p
    Extra Hummus, Baba Ghanuuj or M’tabal £0.95p

Damascena Birmingham City Centre

5-7 Temple Row West is the location. Opposite the historic Cathedral of St Phillip’s. Sit inside Damascena and you will enjoy the amazing view of the Cathedral. St Philip’s Cathedral has surely never looked better in its 301-year history, not now the Grand Hotel can also be seen gleaming in the background on a sunny morning. Damascena is nestled between two grade II listed building currently occupied by Cafe Nero and the Old Joint Stock.

Portman House, 5-7 Temple Row W, Birmingham B2 5NY
T: 0121 233 1803

Damascena Moseley

You’ll find Damascena in Moseley Village (easily accessible by the number 1, 35 and 50 bus routes), a vibrant cosmopolitan area filled with a number of boutiques and restaurants – but none like ours. Stop by for a coffee and escape to the magical, mythical world in our friendly café and delicatessen

133 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JP
T: 0121 449 9245

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Birmingham’s most popular independent coffee shops is about to open this spectacular looking cafe in Temple Row West.

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